What is the role of a Certified Probate & Trust Specialist?

CPTS are trained to help navigate the probate court system. This includes monitoring all legal deadlines and making sure that they are not missed. We can and will provide guidance on the necessary legal steps and the documentation coordinations that are required in the probate process. We can also minimize the potential for disputes between heirs.

In addition to guiding you through the paperwork and other legal aspects of the probate court process, we can recommend the inspectors, appraisers, contractors and other professionals. This ensures that the passed-down property is accurately appraised, necessary repairs are being made and that the property is ready to go on the market.

We will walk you through the following steps as per the probate court’s rules:

Marketing and Education of the Market Activity and Comparables
Skillful Negotiations
Management of the Sale and Escrow Processes

We will help you go to market, sell and manage the process of an estate-passed property, and see to it that the sale of the property is as successful as possible. We will maintain outstanding communication among all heirs, minimizing conflict and making an already emotional process easier for all involved.