How do we interact with Probate Lawyers?

A Probate Lawyer is an attorney who offers legal counsel and assistance to the personal representative or executor of an estate throughout the probate process.

Since real estate is often a deceased person’s most valuable asset, probate is an important part of real estate law. We work closely with Probate Lawyers to determine whether a deceased individual’s will is valid.

The estate of a deceased person has to go through probate with probate attorneys if:

* There isn’t a valid will
* The will doesn’t name an estate executor
* The will has various legal issues
* There are no beneficiaries

We will work side by side with Probate Lawyers to ensure that the probate process is followed correctly, that beneficiaries, taxes, and creditors are identified and handled correctly. We will interpret gray legal areas, such as whether a realtor can sell a house during probate.

How do we interact with Estate Planning and Trust professionals?

Real estate planning can relate to commercial or personal real estate. Why? The reason is that in most cases the biggest asset an individual owns is real estate. An example of real estate planning would be gaining financial freedom from other parties. This would be a part of your succession plan and a large part of that will include real estate planning.

We can work closely with Estate Planning & Trust legal professionals to help create a strategy.