Please take the time to read the steps that you will need to take in the application process!
To apply, please observe the following:

To apply: We use RentSpree ($38) as part of the application method. The Rentspree link is provided with each available property profile on the Available Properties page.

In addition, you must submit the required documents as outlined on the Required Documents page.

For agents: Please observe the required documents as outlined on the Required Documents page and include them in your packet.

Delivery of your application and required documents: Once you have compiled all of the required documents (see required documents page), please package (combine) all your documents into ONE PDF per each applicant. Do not send individual PDF’s of each document or it will be returned. Scanned copies of documents only. No screen shots of documents will be accepted.

Submit your application and required documents to: info@dwellingre.com

Application review: Once all of the information is received, it will be presented to the owner for review so that a candidate can be selected.

Inquiries: Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or further inquiry to info@dwellingre.com as the preferred method of communication.